The Girl I Like Turned Out To Be A Yandere!

Challenges come in everyone’s life and I, Kazuya Sakahi, is not exception to that. I felt hopeless and incapable of doing anything when my parents abandoned me during the beginning of my third year in high school.

But heaven did not forsake me. A blonde man walked up and offered me the most bizarre deal.

“Name your price, Kazuya-kun. I want you for my daughter.”

But that was not the most surprising thing that shook my life. It was when I realized who his daughter is — Kayo Tsubaki.

The person whom I considered a distant star, someone entirely out of my reach turns out to have madly fallen for me…?

I know that we’re not fit for each other… But why am I sharing a bed with her?

Wait? Aren’t we skipping a lot of steps, Tsubaki-san?!

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The Girl I Like Turned Out To Be A Yandere Volume 1 – By Svneighter

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