Him: A Poem She Can’t Read Volume 1

Him: A Poem She Can’t Read Volume 1 – By Panya

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At some point in every person’s life, there comes a moment of enchantment, a magnetic pull towards someone special. Love emerges, marked by blushing cheeks and playful smiles, bringing with it a trove of unspoken emotions. It swells within you, unstoppable.

Daphne, raised to be ambitious by her parents, grew accustomed to this path. With parental love in short supply due to their preoccupations, she assumed her future would simply unfurl as she wished while she observed from a distance. Then, everything changed when she met Kaleb.

What began as an unexpected friendship evolved into something beyond mere camaraderie. For Daphne, who craved affection, Kaleb became her sanctuary. Yet, would she dare to seize the opportunity to be with him? The first step is to confess her love, but would she really risk her friendship over a fleeting affection for Kaleb?

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