Isn’t The Wannabe Villain Too Cute? Volume 1

Isn’t Wannabe Villain Too Cute? Volume 1 By Svneighter

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The misery of a Villain, who was destined to be crushed by the Protagonist, was seemingly heading toward shambles.

Despite having the strength to change his circumstances and prove his worth, the Villain needed to keep his head down and accept every curse and assault he was greeted with.

After all, he was nothing more than a minor antagonist, whose destination was under the heel of the main hero.

…but then why? Why was the main heroine, for whom the protagonist was borderline psychotic, suddenly clinging to the villain?

Why was this heroine, avoiding her destined partner and choosing a measly foul-mouthed villain like him? 

“…weren’t you supposed to be hating me?” The Villain couldn’t help asking the woman who was currently straddling him with an evil smile extending her lips.

“If you make such an innocent expression, would it be possible for someone like me, to not fall for you?”…was the reasoning of the main heroine, who has completely destroyed the plot and abandoned the Protagonist.

This is the story of me, the Villain, who was forced to crush his destiny and write his own story.

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